-Automated Events Data Engine

-Automatically extracts who does what to whom, where

-Incorporates NLP, parsing, and entity extraction techniques


-Automated Document and Topic Classifier

-Supervised learning models with associated learning algorithms that analyze data and

recognize patterns

-Used as one tool in a larger suite of tools to geo-code events into smaller spatial units

(e.g., provinces).

More data is being created every day in our modern, connected, internet enabled, smart phone dependent world that would have been created in a decade in the recent past. All of this data creates a stream of activity that is so large and unmanageable that is becomes, largely, noise. But the volume is too much for an individual to process. The SAE IP allows for a very nuanced and smart review of enormous quantities of data using artificial intelligence, natural language processing and computational linguistics. This winnowing and sifting mechanism is sophisticated enough to deliver both quantitative and qualitative analysis of the information stream and to allow gargantuan datasets to be processed very quickly.


The Virtuoso can, using SAE technology, read newspaper articles, research reports, twitter feeds, facebook posts, press releases, transcripts from conference calls and interviews, and then evaluate that content from both qualitative and quantitative perspectives. Virtuoso can accomplish more in a few hours than hundreds of analysts can achieve even if given days. We live in a world that see 4,000 brokerage reports every day, which is over 36,000 pages of information coming at you in 53 languages. Thereality is that no human being can assimilate all of that information and much of its value is lost. Machine based artificial intelligence systems are already an absolute requirement, but nobody is doing anything about it.

Not only can Virtuoso process enormous quantities of information, but the systematic consistency and speed with which Virtuoso does it allows for accelerated learning cycles that continuously improve outcomes and performance. Virutoso’s adaptation of the SAE intellectual property seamlessly blends quantitative analytics with behavioral economics t synthesize an entirely new discipline we call Emotional Intellivesting.


Virtuoso’s Emotional Intellivesting has bridged the gap between the capital markets theory of the ‘rational investor’ making decisions to maximize value and what actually happens in the marketplace where recency bias, herd behavior, asymmetric risk aversion and the ‘lizard brain’ seem to drive an incredible number of decisions. The

Virtuoso platform is able to capture, evaluate, consider, weight and act on incredibly complex and nuanced information datasets affording our investors with a very real advantage in the investment marketplace.


Virtuoso is currently in a high intensity development and testing stage where we are focused on refining and testing our technology on US aggregate indices with exceptional liquidity. We anticipate that in early 2017 our platform will be actively trading in US equity and debt instruments where markets are deep and liquid. At that point our development team will be working on currency markets, illiquid markets and instruments as well as foreign securities to develop, test and refine our technology and trading systems.


Virtuoso expects to open the proprietary platform to outside investors in early 2018. Virtuoso anticipates that the structure of our first Fund will conform to market norms in the traditional 2 & 20 model and we expect to limit the first fund to $500,000,000.

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How It Works


-Automated Sentiment & Emotions Data Engine

-Automatically extracts who says what about whom and/or issue (e.g., Iran v. Iran’s

nuclear program)

-Incorporates NLP, parsing, and entity extraction techniques; goes beyond Bag of Words technology


-Automated Rhetorical Discourse Data Engine

-Automatically extracts discourse indicators such as cognitive complexity, idea density,

vocabulary diversity, and in and out-group sentiment.