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Our Track Record

Who’s Using It?

-> Government combative commands (PACOM/SOUTHCOM/STRATCOM, etc.)


-> Intelligence community (CIA,NASIC, DNI),


->Department of State and National Security Council.


  •  Several scenarios briefed directly to President Obama
    • Predicted Arab Spring (Egypt/Syria in particular
    • Predicted Coup in Paraguay 6 months ou
    • Predicted Turkey’s recent political crisis 6 months out



Other Customers & Projects

  • Sub-Regional Instability Models at the Provincial Level (SIMPL) – Funded by OSD
  • Automated Sentiment Analysis – Funded by OSD
  • Automated Discourse Analysis – Funded by AFRL
  • Modeling Behavior and Emotions – Funded by AFRL
  • Assessing Effects of Actions on Outcomes – Funded by AFRL


What’s Next…

  • Stock Market/Economy: using sentiment data and discourse markers from social media feeds and experts commenting on the US Stock Market forecast the US market in near-real time with high success rate.
  • Business Intelligence: using sentiment and discourse markers to identify successful brands & products